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Aircraft Interiors Safety Equipment Safety Belts Spray Painting Valet Services • Hangeridge Xray Services
  Aircraft Interiors:  

Designing, constructing and installing soft furnishings, seat covering with material or fine leather work, carpets, cabinetry for the individual executive look. Also specialising in repairs and respray of plastics as well as recovering of side panels and roof liners. All items used in the refurbishment of aircrafts receive a fire proof / burn certificate as well as a release certificate.



  Safety Equipment:  


With major customers in South Africa and Africa it is the only business of its kind in the Western Cape. Licensed to supply and or re-certify aircraft safety equipment such as escape slides, life rafts, life jackets, floats, baby survival cots & oxygen masks.


Safety Belts:

Production, testing and certification of seatbelts and five-point harness.
  Spray Painting:  
On site qualified and licensed aircraft interior and exterior spray painting, also registration number changes, touch up work on light aircraft and helicopters/rotor blades.
  Valet Services: (Interior & Exterior)  
Deep cleaning and polishing available at our site. With your next visit to Cape Town you are welcome to make use of our hangaridge, re-fuelling and cleaning of your aircraft ready when you depart.
Long and short term hangaridge inside or outside hangar available. Please contact us for reservation.
  Xray Services:  
  • Calibration Services

  • Force testing machines

  • Load cells

  • Torque wrenches

  • Pressure gauges

  • Vernier calipers Micrometers

  • Audiometers and audiometric booths

  • Non Destructive Testing

  • Eddy Current Inspection

  • Ultrasonic Examination

  • Magnetic Particle inspection

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection

  • Radiographic Inspection

  • Other test and inspection Services

  • Aircraft inspections – SACAA Approved AMO 665

  • Aluminium windows and doors to AAAMSA requirements

  • Hydrostatic testing of gas cylinders – SANAS accredited

  • Microfilm inspection for archival qualities

  • Specialised equipment available

  • Compression testing up to 2000kN

  • Visual inspection via a 2m digital borescope/ endoscope

  • 3m x 3000 amp magnetic particle test bench